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Kingston Upon Thames is a vibrant riverside town with easy access to surrounding parkland and countryside. It is one the most pleasant locations in the London area and it’s only a 25 minute train ride from the capital’s centre.

Kingston is a town with attractions of both old and new and it attracts thousands of visitors all year round to it’s excellent shopping centres, the Bentall Centre and John Lewis and other attractions like The Rotunda which is full of restaurants and all round entertainment. You will find an abundance of shops and restaurants offering student discounts.

The Students in the Kingston area are spoilt for choice with venues to relax and unwind from academic life. There are many pubs and clubs Kingston student information, kingston collegewhere you can drink and relax and every type of food restaurant you could ever want.

If it’s a different type of entertainment you want there’s health clubs, cinemas, bowling, pool halls and many other varied entertainments.  Kingston is one the most popular student towns because of it’s young and vibrant night life with a lot of the most frequented night clubs as bars.

Kingston Area Cars
The Bentalls centre
rotunda-bannerWithin the Kingston area is the Chessington World of Adventure which has excellent value price options and a fantastic queue busting day planner ticket. The park is one the the best attractions in the South of England and is a fantastic place to unwind and have fun.

There are book shops that stock all the necessary reading and course books for the time that you are at college.

The Student Connect website will direct you to most of the things that you will ever need and most of the businesses are offering valuable discounts to students.

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