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The Brighton Student Connect website lists lots of places for Brighton students to go from Fashion and hair to drink and food.
The city of Brighton is well known for its nice and relaxed atmosphere. It is sandwiched between the coast and the Sussex downs meaning that much of Brighton is very attractive.

There are lots of interesting buildings including the Brighton Pavilion.
Brighton is probably the one of the busiest student towns on the South Coast with an electric night life to match.

There’s a nightclub to suit everyone’s taste and the it is absolutely crammed with restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world. The nightlife is an attraction for young and old from the everywhere in the South East and it has some of the best nightclubs University of Sussexaround.

Students love the overall vibe of Brighton and whatever your tastes in music, food or entertainment it has it and lots of it.

The promenade is a hive of activity during the day and the evenings and the beach is usually packed with people during the summer months and it even hosts a music concert on the beach.