We strongly advise that you steer clear of taking drugs but we know that during your student life there will be situations where drugs will be taken or offered you.

The club, concert and festival scene seems to introduce more students to drugs than any other situations and there’s always someone prepared to sell you something.

If decide you want to try drugs please seek help from friends who have used these dealers before as rogue dealers will sell you anything and the only motivation for them is the cash. Who hasn’t heard of an incidence where someone has died due to dodgy gear which is cut with something toxic. Even if it’s not fatal the effects can be long lasting and devastating.

We know having the odd spliff at the end of an hectic isn’t going to lead to any problems but some of us have an addictive nature and may be prepared to try something much harder.

If you’ve got yourself into this situation and it does happen and you think you need some help. Please follow this link it’s a useful website which is there to help.

It gives you all the street names for the drugs and effects they cause. It’s well worth a look even if you’re just curious about taking something. More importantly there is help there which will point you in the right direction to sort things out

Please use the link below.


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