Bournemouth Part Time Work

Welcome to Bournemouth’s employment page. Listed below are companies who like to employ Students for part time work. As Students we know that money is usually on the tight side so if working part time can ease problems why not give them a try.
Besides the usual McDonalds and Burgerking there’s lots of other businesses who are prepared to take on student help. They’re also prepared to work around your student schedules and commitments and offer mutually agreed times to work.

One caveat to bear in mind is there are also some shady businesses who expect you to work long hours for very little money, they have a very high turnover of employees.
A  good way to eliminate these employers is to ask fellow students for their advice or to go and ask your student union.

Apply  online:  McDonalds  Burgerking  KFC  Bella Italia  Wagamama  Pizza Hut Specsavers  Dominos Pizza

All these above are the usual suspects for work, however there’s obviously the Pub, Club and independent  Restaurants to try.
A lot of the time it’s a question of getting out and there and face to face contact. This approach is good because it not only gives your prospective employer a chance to see you but also gives you a chance to see the environment you may be working in.

Here’s some more avenues to give a try, a lot of the work from home jobs are a bit of a con…be warned. Gumtree  News Now  Reed Employment Indeed Student

There’s an abundance of agencies to try we have listed some of the good ones.
We could go on and on with places to try because Bournemouth has lots of employment opportunities for Part time work so if you put the effort in then it usually turns up the goods. Good luck!!